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    So much ignorance and Kiwi bashing by the pitchfork-wielding mob on this thread.


    The same bunch of nattering old male whiny cunts that plague this site.


    Don’t understand herd immunity. Don’t understand Covid. Don’t understand NZs approach to Covid. Why it worked so well. Why it worked so badly in other countries in comparison.


    These cretins think everything is black and white and one size fits all.



    Kiwi keep the faith bro.

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    Kiwi wouldn’t get bashed if he didn’t constantly talk trash to everyone.  GE, YOU of all people should understand this, unless you have a learning disability, which is highly likely to be found among your many psychological impairments.


    lol  puds comeing from a country that had trump who still holds raillies for his vanity of your so vane  carely simon song fits trump to capital T.



    Being trolled by a sexist old shitter is a badge of honour on this site.


    When his carer isn’t wiping blended food from his chin and bloodless lips she is monitoring his online activities to keep the old shitter on the straight and narrow.




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    UK: 63.1% of the total population of the UK is fully vaccinated (fourth best in the world, impressive).

    Those numbers seem to be quite old.

    About 88% of people have had 1 dose and about 76% have had both.

    Source as of 19th August:


    Don’t understand NZs approach to Covid. Why it worked so well.

    If it worked so well …. why is the virus spreading? :unsure:


    Trump holding rallies has NO relation to New Zealand’s abysmal vaccination rate.  “Orange Man Bad” is all you have, which is true of everyone with Trump Derangement Syndrome.


    lol the only derranged one is trump him self trying to show the world his vainty with his idiotic followers  spread this  dangerous virus  spreading world wide.


    Drac reason why it spread from auckland is the guy that had it was up in auckland then went back to johnsonville in wellington thats only 2 places in nz spread to. If it as bad asland and rest jc torys say it is here why are uk and ppl from usa banging on our front door to let them live here?


    There are two through’s in Kiwi’s head ……….   both have nothing to do with reality or this thread B-)

Viewing 10 posts - 51 through 60 (of 68 total)

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