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    NZ”s got 1/12 the population of the UK.

    Lets do a little math to get the UK equivalent.

    Total since first NZ case: 3096 x 12 = 37,152

    New cases reported during the past 24 hours: 42 x 12=504

    26 deaths x 12 = 312

    Give the fact NZ’s been isolating since the start of the pandemic and so few have a corvid vaccination…where do you think those numbers will be in a week?






    Doa we were the last country in the world to get hit bye latest round of covid while yous were haveing high death rate like usa your hospitals were over flowing with covid  problems while here in nz our hospitals  were nearly free of it.We have ppl from usa uk wanting to live here cause of our covid record. and at that time all our facilities n shops were open life then was normal because goverment shut down early hence we hope we can go back before this latest out break.


    while yous were haveing high death rate like usa your hospitals were over flowing with covid problems

    When was this? :unsure:

    Every time i’ve been into a hospital it’s been a ghost town.

    No patients anywhere to be seen, doctors not wearing masks.


    The first few months covid struck uk drac time when boris got covid.


    The only reason NZ wasnt hit hard at the start was….. its the azzhole of the English speaking world. Even amazon pulling out and they sell crap.


    Kiwi its not a competition….who had the most deaths or least deaths blah blah blah

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing….while I agree Boris made some whoppers of mistakes …no one knew how this was all going to pan out… are very fortunate in your country that so far the damage is minimal all round but sadly the bastad of Covid is making its rounds and sadly (and I hope I am wrong) you will get your quota of it

    Everyone here knows someone who has either had Covid or died because of it….if there is a person out there who doesn’t then  you are a very lucky person and count  your blessings

    If something like Covid has not made us more compassionate to our fellow human beings across the road and across the globe…nothing ever will



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    Kenty its not my point im trying to say to likes of doa n co land linda they not in postion point finger at nz with appalling out come that both of yous have I admitt labour here could have done better but on the whole its been normal here until the latest out break which the world is battleing to control. Bye going early n hard we hope to be back as we were before.


    You is sooooooo deadddddddddddddd

    When covid takes kiwi and gasping for his last breath on his new carpet…… I’m digging up this lawn and selling it on ebay  :yes:


    Here are the Covid 19 vaccination rates per population as of today:

    United Arab Emirates: 74% of the total population of the UAE is fully vaccinated  (best in the world).

    Saychelles:  72.1% of the total population of Saychellles is fully vaccinated  (nearly the best).

    Chile:  67.3% of the total population of Chile is fully vaccinated  (not far behind the best).

    UK:  63.1% of the total population of the UK is fully vaccinated  (fourth best in the world,  impressive).

    US:  52.5% of the total population of the US is fully vaccinated. (not good enough)

    Australia: 25.5% of the total population of Australia is fully vaccinated. (not good enough)

    Worldwide:  24.9% of the total population of the entire world is fully vaccinated. (not good enough)

    NZ:  21.4% of the total population of New Zealand is fully vaccinated.

    WTF Kiwi! NEW ZEALAND IS BELOW THE WORLD AVERAGE BUT YOU CRITICIZE THE COUNTRIES WHO PRODUCED THE VACCINES FOR THEIR HANDLING OF THIS DISASTER!  Is NZ full of Trump-supporting antivaxxers??? Don’t tell ANYONE here that THEIR country is handling the Covid disaster poorly when clearly NZ lags so much further behind these countries that you love to bash.  DO try to catch up with the rest of the countries that have indoor plumbing, and focus on your own failures as a nation rather than bashing those who actually are leading the world out of this mess.

    P.S. Indulging your Trump Derangement Syndrome is no defense for YOUR country’s horrible failure.  Get off your lazy, righteously-indignant ass and do your part.






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