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    Hello, Linda jumps out of bushes.

    See how many responses Q hee..

    Somer WE have your back!



    We as in linda and linda and linda?

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    Think somer wanted to see your mobility scooter linda…..mind  you you might need to get his back if he gets out of that mobility scooter…..LOL….

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    misterq its pointless

    he doesn’t like you and he will be so nasty about me about you.

    don’t even bother responding

    he is probably a nice guy in real life but on here he wants to bully and be nasty and he obviously hates women

    I sense that he really hates women and any man who has a personality and humour.

    the nasty things he says about women indicates how angry and in pain he is.

    misterq please don’t respond anymore x

    we don’t need to retaliate with the nasty x

    rise about it ok x

    love you x

    And here it’s goes little miss butter won’t melt in my mouth. YOU are queen Troll. I have personally seen you take a new chatter under your wing and when they asked you to to call Alfie off cause he was giving them shit you just laughed at them. I have seen you in F3 fuck off back to F2 with a number you know saying let’s go give F2 shit. Your posts that you say your account had been hacked but never was. You are a user. You use people and most of us see it. As for Q he stands by you but we all know where that will end. Q has burnt his bridges on here with most people with the bollocks he writes. Any normal person would send a pm but not Q he will post bollocks because “he can”. Now get the fuck of my thread before Q puts a pic up of his tandem saying “Hey Sarah you fancy a spoke up ya arse” B-)

    Temper temper.

    All lies too btw.



    Didn’t that on yer bike catch phrase come up years ago in the Chris Haughty Shredded Wheat adverts?……LOLOLOL………..

    Its ok babe….yer right but this idiot needs responding 2………and by the way kiddies…the reason I say this is that if you take up somers er challenge…….he’s clever…you might not be so never show yer licence plate or things that may compromise you…..

    After all any one can look up on line yer details……

    In this sense somer is a good example…he even hides the mobility scooter round the back….LMAO RATF PML….

    Don’t worry babe… warning over…as you were folks……

    And if its any consolation…i’m not just messing about when I say I love Sarah……….I really do…oops to much information….LOL LMAO RATF xxxx

    You are always kind to me x


    Always and foreverxxx


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    As WE in whom I adore, and with me. Showering before we go out to dinner.

    Somer as with a few  here, including me, have taken your vile abuse, dictatorship, multi personality,  bull crap, twisted manipulative horse syhte.. mind twisted fucked up negative crap far too long.

    I truly understand why these site administrators had not banned you totally, but this smelly crap needs much disinfectant. Take your spanner, plunger, broom handle and everything else you can stick up your butt twist and shout and you two so called love birds….go on holiday..give it a break.

    As I do not know sarapepsimax the things you both now accuse her is what you TWO do all the time. What makes you and Q’s  posts any better than hers! You both seek attention. You both should be ashamed… :bye:   :bye:

    You both afraid of the new kid on block..umm I wonder? :unsure:

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    Mizzy, be careful with the ‘ I love you ‘ stuff, it may be being interpreted in a different context than you mean, we don’t want another Hugs situation, unless of course you do totally LOVE Mr Q, in a ‘ more than friendship ‘ way ? In which case I can only offer you my sincerest best wishes and hope you Get Well ASAP 😉

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    I’d never get my shopping in that Somer lol. I hadn’t read this thread,made me realise for a sec how in JC there must be people with physical disabilities but yet it doesn’t matter, we’re all equal in there. Good post Somer :) x


    Oh dear moosey is showing her hate now by attacking Sarah in the form of friend ship….PML LMAO RATF… be honest moosey….i’m sure Sarahs a big girl now and really laughable you use hugs in yer comment….that is very low…..

    Its ok folks moosey cant stand me its been obvious for the last 2 years….personally….i cant bear the old hag either but hey…give my regards to orson moosey….


    Don’t worry guys..Sarahs got a great mind and just like me she can think for her self…….she  just like me doesn’t need moosey to think for her………

    Personally i think moosey lost it a long time ago…..will Sarah become one of mooseys minions? Only time will tell…….

    Me? i just keep being my self…

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