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    Well, well, well.

    I had the audacity to answer back a well known lunatic here yesterday.

    He had been acting like a raving madman here lately, well plotting this sites downfall from his mums living room.

    But what I don’t understand is why his comments haven’t been deleted?

    This chatter has been talking about buggery on the boards non stop.

    4 posts deleted of mine because I pointed out the truth about him?

    Yet his stay up about buggery?

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    I’ve been assured here that all the guides and forum hosts have resigned – apart from GD, who seems really nice.

    So who has the power to delete them?

    Has Martin been trolling the chatrooms??


    You can only imagine how I felt when my thread removed..English Language..

    Milky states politely to not PM his lady friend. Preaching so forth.. and I then..well considered a “moll”. I only focused mostly on meaning of term and spelling..thinking..”mole.” Nicer comments..and geez..mine taken down..

    Oh well don’t fiqure..

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    Linda I don’t feel we have done anything wrong here.

    Hugs has made some crazy unfounded allegations about us.

    He likes to dish out criticism, but I cant help feeling hes very sensitive about it himself.


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    I agree. Ty..u wise. Xx


    Milky i will never understand this place.Some people can do as they please and nothing is sed by anyone,they pretend they havent seen it,the next one says the truth and theres an uprore.I thought hugs cared about jc and wanted to get the place sorted out,but all his interested in is showing his authority andletting evryone know he has clout.Sneaky man when i first seen him on the go hated me because he was in with,what he thought was the cool crowd.Never once aknowleged me,incase it upset his friends.Now hes telling evryone how to chat and getting away with it,at the same time giving up his lip and expecting evryone to take it.He stalks woman,now i cant stand some folk but i have seen him cling to themthree woman i know of he fell out with for trying to manipulate there companey.He just wont be told,back off.

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