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    thin ices crime of the week (harry hill tv blurp style)
    when you read thin ices crime of the week imagine harry hills tv blurp and the little corus that accompanies his annoucments

    well last night poped in to f3
    im the villain again 8)
    despite watching fulham v liverpool all evening which was interupted by a call from marias
    i had according to the fake welsh (you know the scouser who calls her self welsh she who has been a liverpool supporter then swansea and now wolverhampton wanders fan)
    i had been in chat all night under varous diff names causing trouble

    NOT GUILTY M LADY this time :lol:
    any how her ranting occasionaly backed up by her rather dim side kick was dominating the room
    rose petal who was off duty bearing the brunt of it seems
    any how so far this wek i been a name changer (whilst watching the footie )
    and ive also been a clone
    well it cloggs up the room
    not every one wants to hear about it
    and when i come in during itit makes things hard
    if im on the pull it spoils it
    if im in to wind up the peasants it spoils it
    cus what happens is i get loads of pms
    several form name changers making the usual lame threats
    then several from lovely ladies who have a soft spot for bad boys :wink:
    well i try hard but winding up the room answering all the pms whilst cloning name changing and sitting here laughing my head off is bliddy hard work
    so lets keep my crimes out of the room
    so normal chatters can just cchat with out watching the fake welsh ranting and finaly flouncing
    so here is a chance for all
    accuse me here
    accuse me of what you like
    and ill try to answer all the qustions
    i mat avoid some answers to protect theinnocent
    i may lay a few red herrings
    i may exaggerate to wind it up more
    now after the ranters give me grief for a few days
    the more intelligent posters might like a few answers
    so its open season
    come ask what you want
    accuse me of what you want

    after all it is panto season :P



    the floor is yours :roll:


    Just seen this ………. You are unbelievable ….. you have the cheek to call me attention seeking ……. and here you are doing this !

    I said all i had to say to you on the Big Question thread .

    So for the last time…..

    FECK OFF ! And stop bringing me into your posts. :roll:


    Its obvious from your post that you crave attention Thin … what other reason would there be for a) wanting to come into the room if its so hard as you say and b) this thread? But as you have pointed out it is almost christmas … season of good will to all so I’ll humour you …

    If Maria called you and told you that you had been accused of being in the room last night causing trouble etc .. she lied! Myself, welshy and others were discussing Gills post on the boards … you know the one – it accuses you of having used her name to gain info from someone in chat? And the convo went along the lines of ‘If he did, thats a pretty sad affair’ Of course there are people who believe you did it and those who dont. The convo as I explained to you last night …. didn’t start with you, it started re: the behaviour of other regs who were getting some stick for their behaviour! It isn’t all about you Thin as much as you would like it to be! But you had to make it seem that way right? Attention seeking pah!

    And before I get your usual crap about … ‘yes, well ty – you gave it to me’ I’m just making it clear for those who have read your post that it is in fact like so many before it full of half truths to make you seem like the hard done by.

    Nuff said!


    Boo – you are class !! =D> =D> =D>


    i do crave attention
    thanks too all that provide it

    marias phone call didnt include one thing about any accusations that had been leveled at me in f3

    wrong tree boo

    i just came in and could see welshy giving it large :roll:


    @annette-curtain wrote:

    Just seen this ………. You are unbelievable ….. you have the cheek to call me attention seeking ……. and here you are doing this !

    I said all i had to say to you on the Big Question thread .

    So for the last time…..

    FECK OFF ! And stop bringing me into your posts. :roll:

    if you have said all youve got to say what you saying any thing for then 8)


    @lovely Lady wrote:

    Boo – you are class !! =D> =D> =D>

    as always lady little to say unless its on the back of some one else

    unless your gossiping of course
    then you got plenty to say :wink:


    Thin a genuine question … From what I gather you are doing pretty well in life? And it seems that you are constantly moving onwards and upwards … and all credit to anyone who has the ability to do so ….

    But what I want to know is how the hell you manage to do so when it seems you spend most of your time here back tracking???

    Now … I witnessed the whole conversation, you didn’t! The jist of the conversation is correct … It just lacks facts!

    And my apologies if I misread your first post but maybe if you used punctuation I would know where one sentence stopped and the next started ….


    No one is more arrogant toward women, more aggressive or scornful, than the man who is anxious about his virility .

    Ooops ! Wrong thread .

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