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    Many of us like to barbeque but it seems this first weekend every year starts the roll out..and summer beginning kick off.

    Hamburgers..hotdogs yes basic tradition.. but chicken, steak, ribs, fish no stranger either. Americans are certainly known for our cook outs…

    Hamburgers in my opinion and hotdogs always taste better on grill.

    But so many grill types. I prefer old fashion coal..slow bricks heat that turn gray. Food delicious. Electric not feel the same. Smokers good all day process..

    What u like to use?

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    Hi Linda!  i’m with you on the coal. I have had every type of bbq burner, gas, electric. You can’t beat the ole charcoal for giving that satisfying sizzle as you load up the grill:) and no risk of running out of gas! Someone gave me an old oil drum cut in half , its great if you’re having a party:) the other half of the drum gets filled with ice for the beers :) If its just a few people i tend to buy those big throw away bbqs , they are also great for taking to the beach or park. ” i always clean up my mess afterwards.” We are having lovely weather the next few days might make use of the garden and have a bbq!  Hope all’s well with you x


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    So good to read u sophia.

    With me working all the time no barbeques and my neighbor usually throws big ones. This social distance has put a crunch on things.

    Takes time to grill up just for a hamburger or grilling in door at the moment. Hee.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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