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    thanks for link. Have to look into this. I am confused with I.R.S. income tax I pay which know directed for programs mentioned above in my posting. The u.n. not familiar with that entity using our resources to support your queen. Nice wake up call. Suspect many of us not aware..will take it to some Senators I know personal. Interesting… see what tell me. Thanks again. X


    if you approach your Senators with the information that the US Tax people are agencies of the UN and paying for the Queen’s lifestyle, they will tell you that you have been taking advice from a fool or a liar.

    When you tell them it was Alfie Graphgate, perhaps they will understand.

    The simplest of points. Forget the gross inaccuracies of the link – fake facts is something which is becoming part of our lives.

    Just find out how many dollars go to pay the Queen and inform your senators. Explain how the Queen gets the dollars, now.


    Oops..stand corrected… THINK read Queen fired butler? Wardrobe was it..She fire any in Parliment? Your people’s needs..? Not her personal needs. Again, no disrespect……

    Erm, the last time a monarch tried to screw with parliament, we chopped their bloody head off.


    The monarch has very little  power in the UK other than ceremonial. It’s why we have been called a crowned republic.


    It was the Bill of Rights that the British people won against despotism which was the basis on which the Americans fought their revolution, and won their independence, and established their own Bill of Rights, and established a system of government which stopped tyranny from a President by setting up a Congress and a Supreme Court with power. Trump is caught in that system. He can’t sack anyone from Congress or the Court. He can certainly sack advisers, and he does that bigtime.


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    Lol. Well scep u aware I do read offered suggestions. I am not good at fake links provided. Geez will I never learn hee.. But interesting nevertheless. Curious..I know UN counsel members who visit from abroad while here feel that they can get away with things..especially our laws. Traffic tickets, rapes some so forth. Been in papers.. but i do wonder and guess we pay for those visits, hotel stays, entertainment. I am more interested with my friends, (those Senators never surprised when I ask directly finding out  things)where THOSE RESOURCES COME FROM. never thought of that payment. Sure comes from some where here..wonder where..that all. Sparked a new thought. Lol….what general we support that. Suppose we do.

    In this case maybe not your Queen, but her staff and visitors while here. Less out of your funds from Parliment suppose. Lol…


    The UN – United Nations – was established in New York as an international organisation after the defeat of Hitler. There are permanent embassies from all nations sited in new York, and the money goes to the New York hotel owners. Is Trump feeling aggrieved that Trump Towers isn’t one o them? I think the money is paid from the national governments.


    They feel they can get away with things because they are ambassadors – a problem everywhere. An embassy in the UK is not subject to UK law; the same is true of the US.


    America Firsters hate the UN, and want to blame everything on it. They want to return to the era before the war when America turned its backs on the rest of the world in its fight against Hitler. They didn’t see the Nazis as all that bad, and anyway Hitler didn’t concern Americans.

    FDRoosevelt was their pet hate. They saw Roosevelt as leading Americans into a war which benefitted nobody but Europe. Some saw Asia as the natural sphere of American influence.


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    Oops..stand corrected… THINK read Queen fired butler? Wardrobe was it..She fire any in Parliment? Your people’s needs..? Not her personal needs. Again, no disrespect……



    anyone know who Egbert is…..



    I am not a history major, and I truly respect your passion for politics…

    Neither u and I were born in that time, so basically my knowledge from books, lessons, and those perhaps who were in the battle, who I spoke to about that period of time.

    However, I do resent some what comment made…”America turned it’s back on the rest of the world to fight against Hitler.” That your opinion, and I will note it as such.

    As a 100 percent American citizen, I will tell you every time war mentioned here people and activists come out in the thousands. Do you not think that many of us wish often we stay away from conflicts….not be involved. Who pays for costs and repairs. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Who helps others in their needs. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Who protects our interest, investments, well government and  it’s leaders.

    I’d like to know who going to help us with money and supplies if my Country is badly wounded and destroyed. What Country has those resources? AGAIN THE AMERICAN PEOPLE…

    You can read and make your opinions. I will tell you my x boss a Colonel in the Army..Said to me once..his troops were surrounded by group of big outfit of Germans. Many of his men being killed. He lost his hearing in one ear, due to a mortar going off near by him  killed 8  of his men. Said as he laid thought dying with a knife stuck in his leg, he heard voices. Said a french patrol came up and circled around his troops. If it had not been for the French, he said he be of the 75 men too. Out of 300, imagine just 75 left. I remember this story shared to me by a survivor, and why I resent your statement…French General found out later said, America has always helped those in need. It was their turn to help us… that was then…IS now…Will we still have that same support I wonder.

    As far as the UN, confirmed..diginarities do get many free rides here all I say from around the world. AND YES AMERICAN PEOPLE PICK UP THE COST. Apparently ours when travel again PAID BY AMERICAN PEOPLE…

    MY point of this lengthy speech is NO COUNTRY PERFECT..NONE 100 PERCENT RIGHT. NO LEADER PERFECT OR 100 PERCENT RIGHT.. But as long as I have lived, seen wars, America has not abandoned those in need, IF RIGHT OR WRONG…decisions made. A Country no matter who’s will bounce back, will survive. THE PEOPLE DO THAT, not your friggin politicians and b.s. artist who claim fame for glory.. I stand by my people…And if like my President or not he does make final decisions. NO NOT off with his head. HE IS OUR COMMANDER AND CHIEF.




    Linda, you mistake my point.

    I think that if the US hadn’t entered the war against Hitler, then fascism would have triumphed in the West, though that could be debatable.

    The stories you relate about US combat bravery and sacrifice in the war against Hitler could be multiplied. Ken Burns produced a powerful documentary on this called The War.

    The sacrifice of Brits in the Blitz could be added. The sacrifice of the Red Army and the Russian people in that war was greaterr than everybody else,of course.


    The point I was making concerned America First, a movement which was very strong in the US between the wars. They wanted an isolationist America, and wanted America to turn its back on Europe. many were pro-Hitler, and all thought that Hitler should not be challenged, as it was nothing to do with America.

    The cartoon above is from 1941, when America First was at its height.

    Their enemy was Franklin Roosevelt, and Roosevelt championed the defence of Europe against the Nazis. Roosevelt was the one who stressed the importance of fight8ng Hitler after Pearl Harbour, when many Americans wanted to fight the Japanese.


    Trump will be getting a free ride when he visits the UK. It’s  because he’s a guest, and will be wined and dined at British expense. When Brits go to the US as guests, they are given a free ride by the US. When I have guests coming round for a meal, they are given a free ride, and I expect a free ride when invited around for a meal.



    Lol scep. Thanks for clarity. Perhaps you may be right to a degree, give credit where due, but you know will do some research and reading when have little more time. Right now just in some intense training, tired, and that statement threw me in reverse mode perhaps the point lost..

    Yes reciprocation is a polite thing..But again, we pay for much. More so I understand when we visit. Lol. Those can not be disclosed as information provided in phone call…..heeeeee..confidential…..

    Roosevelt desire was what the American people wanted, ALL, him too….The attacks silent and deadly were invasion in which the time picked one throwing off guard, protection….left us weak and defenseless. War for any Country not pleasant. Hardships for many not saying one war more warranted or needed than another. Or one Country needs more important than another’s Country.

    Point is America always in my opinion get’s involved. Some things we should not get involved in..But we do…. and sometimes expression, too many people in the kitchen all trying to cook, decide on meal and what is..can not have too many cooks in kitchen. America has had too many things in a stirring pot to cook with at once. Not always easy to select your seasons to use and flavor with. Hard selections assume… make meal taste right… not always perfect stew…….But America always there…


    I am sure the uk got helped from the usa…. related to ww1/2 and we helpped them in the future, anyway now the uk gets a lot of attacks, I wonder if they are revenge attacks as we helpped usa etc own wars, god dam bloody fuked up leaders, I think socialism is to extreme but capitalism is to, but it seems greed is related to a lot of company c.e.o’s, also look at the history of all types of royal family, u see currupted people killing to be top even there sibs, look at different types of oligarchy, I few words come to mind – dumb, sycophantic, megalomania, socialpath, crazy, etc, these are words what relate to these currpted people.

    I asked who Egbert is as supposely he was the king of kent,  supposly he was the first uk royalty, (even thou his dad was a king Ealhmund of kent) but Egbert was supposly the first known king of the uk, from him to the queen we have to day if one looked at the uk royal family tree, he became a royal supposly as he murderd to become one, now I am naïve talking about history, but if we look right at the start of these royals I blv u will see corruption at the start, if so then maybe these royalists, need to understand about that, as to me they just seem like some type of celeb familys, who want more than any commen person has, while owning massive propertys and mutible of many things etc and they beg for more cash to inprove there over massive house with aspestox on it and they moan they not pay the elec bill etc, yet common people dont have enough to even do things they want to do in life, work pay bills work pay bills robotic humans aka cyborgs, while there owner of the place they become a number is loling to the bank, even when he/she dies there wud be so much cash that was never spent, I wonder if he/she cud of made peoples life better hmm, something to think about….. also supposly rich people give to chairtys to pay less cash, so dont blv they are kind, they like the attention from people.

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