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    This is me –

    Can I be seen dancin’ and flirtin’ with all the jc gals, please, Mr Trapper??




    awww…the jc gals (Kenty, moon, laney etc etc) ain’t there, just songs I don’t like :(


    miracles take longer :?


    well, miracles I’m sure you can do.

    But I am having second thoughts.

    I don’t have your technical skills, or I’d do some myself.

    But I don’t think I have your sense of humour, either. Ever since I was a child I identified with Quasimodo in the same way that Charles Laughton did – a very odd sense of identity.

    Your posts here have won universal applause, and have amused a lot of people. It would be a shame to spoil it, so best not bother.

    But thanks anyway – and thanks for all your pics.


    too late


    @trapper wrote:

    too late


    keep up the good work


    Did’nt know the Andrews Sisters were still alive :shock:



Viewing 10 posts - 111 through 120 (of 217 total)

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