Update: 19 October 2016
Thanks to reports from Tinsel and AngelBabe I can confirm that I messed up and didn’t make the emoji button available to non-admin users (oops)! This has now been fixed. Emojis for all!!!

I know that a lot of you have been asking for more emoticons and/or emojis on the Just Chat message boards. The initial 17 I offered in response were a half-decent stopgap, but it appears that they only increased your ravenous appetites.

I am, therefore, happy to announce that you now have over 1,100 emojis to choose from when creating a post on the message boards (I've also cleaned up the available formatting options to make them easier to use).

To use the emojis, simply click on the emoji icon in the post formatting box:

emoji icon

A new window will open allowing you to see what is available. Simply click on whichever emoji you wish to use.

emoji choices

Want to use more than one? Simply repeat the process.

Oh, and don't worry - the old school emoticons shall remain as an option for the die-hards among you.

Adios, amigos!



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