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    ‘We never fight ruSSia’ says the guy who waxed lyrical about ‘tRump’ killing ruSSians in Syria.

    I’m gonna dilute your diatribe down to one simple question that’ll show your real colours.

    Who would you rather remain in power?

    Biden or Putin

    (and neither is not an option)




    Biden…..or Putin?







    Of course I want Putin out.  Biden may be ruining lives, but Putin is ending the lives of innocent people.  Cmon Andy, don’t waste my time.  Find a grownup if you need help.



    Awww…..thanks Puds. Just needed to check.

    As to your NATO spending numbers a little way back. They are history mate. I think they may well be changing upwards now that pOOtin has revealed his hand.

    Better late than never eh.




    So is our aid to Ukraine, with a $800M package announced today.


    I’m not reading all that crap.

    THALES Martlet cost around £1.5 milllion

    THALES Starstreak missile cost double.

    $800 million wont last long or go far.




    the only equation you should be concerned with is whether a fiver buys half a dozen second hand 15mm plastic speedfit fittings for your next gash job.




    Listened to social media last night gradually detailing on the demise of the Moskva, flagship of the Black fleet, protector of their corvettes firing the Kalibr cruise missiles at Ukraine and it also was providing area denial against Ukrainian air assets on the Odesa coast.

    HUGE !!!!!!!!!!!  FUCKING HUGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Slava Ukraini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    Oh your up by noon……well done you

Viewing 10 posts - 81 through 90 (of 124 total)

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