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    Actually its a great idea for all rooms. Only question i got is why you never did it a long time ago?  i think people are sick to the teeth with the guest situation. Of course there will be abusers who know how to ” work the system” No offence but you really should have sorted this problem a long long time ago.


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    NO, what should’ve happened is this…

    Martin took on staff to do a specific job, which was to keep this place running smoothly and efficiently, He chose wrongly, because the hosts he took on blatantly abused their powers and they had their little groups whom they would protect.

    As sceptical guy has said here or on another thread recently he has seen the hosts encouraging the online bullying of people and even in cases they’ve been the ones forming the situation.

    Sad fact is this will never change, its gone way too far and most of the good chatters have gone, and in turn this registered only room will eventually go back to how it used to be as its well on its way with the ‘registered’ chatters attacking one another already, and if you say thats not happening then you’re talking out of you backside.

    :mail: :yes:


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    All started in F1. People blame the trolls for ruining it but who’s in charge of this site and why didn’t they make more effort to get rid of the trolls? My opinion is this…………there was no one paid by the site or had authority to regulate the site. You expect people to work for free and receive high amounts of abuse at the same time. Bad attitude in my opinion. It’s your site…never blame trolls. Management are to blame for not looking after the site. You don’t need people’s votes to do what is right. You obviously have the power to make this whole site guest free if you wanted to so why dont you?

    Rumor is…too much money being made by letting any one enter. Am i slagging off JC or just giving you the best advice you’ve ever received? I wish you all well for the future.


    hang on am I missing something here?

    what exactly got to do with you mr q what goes on in these here chats

    thought youd left  room and boards and quiz is shit etc?

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    your thinkings like your personality orson and golf as well….well under parr LMAO


    its par actually a parr is a fish.


    ok well your personality and intelligence is rather fishy. boom boom


    I just really hope that all the people who agree with you hate me as much as you all put me on ignore so that when i come into chat and talk a lot to the people that do like me respond and none of any of the conversations make any sense to you. I hope that nothing ever makes any sense to you ever again. i really do talk a lot, and i really am not hated by as many people as you really think i am. Oh you can put me on ignore forever so can so many of you. Will just ensure that conversations will be missing so many gaps. I can bring registered friends in too. Somer i wont be bullied out. No idea why you think you can do that to people. What now you will sit in your favourite room for it just to be totally ruined by people who wont let you be a selfish prick and if they cant enjoy chat you wont either? Stop being so selfish. Think of others. Or watch everything be ruined.


    The positive comments speak for themselves !

    The majority are happy with “Mikes” decision lol. (if brains were dynamite eh ?)😂

    Selfish ??? Look closer to home Mizzy.

    On a personal note if the numbers are genuine chatters why hide behind a number … the facts have spoken for themselves … its the numbers that came into F3 stirring & biatching. Hence why many of the F3 chatters left in their droves as the were sick to the back teeth of mouthy numpties from F1 & F2 coming in giving it large.

    As for your “I won’t be bullied out” comment – Many of us have watched you continually hound another user round the forums for the last god knows how long … that’s ok is it?

    A very positive step from UK  :good:



    A positive step until the old regular abusers re-appear and start on the other regulars that have registered, then what will happen?  :whistle:


    A positive step until the old regular abusers re-appear and start on the other regulars that have registered, then what will happen? :whistle:


    Errrr I have as much right to post as anyone else “Dixie”.


    If my comment offends you the don’t read them … simple really  :bye:

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