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    Which would you think is the best ?


    Not sure which u mean janey.. I use a slow cooker..crock pot. Depends what u making in it. I prefer coals for barbeque grilling. Gas or electric tend not to bring out same flavor as hot black coals do. Smokey nice taste.. simmered and flipped over on grill often.


    We have an electric oven and a electric ceramic hob janey.Ceramic hobs are so easy to clean :good:


    Electric oven , Gas hob. Electric ovens more even temp, gas hob more controllable , hate ceramic and halogen hobs, may look nice but the cooking is the important part, tried them all, I’d always go for a gas hob now.


    Oh now I get what u mean. We call them gas oven stoves or electric stoves. As electric does cook faster..I prefer gas stoves as they can be adjusted better when you cook at certain temps. Electric..u tend to have to watch more that u don’t over cook too fast. Hard in my opinion to adjust heat temperature. As I have had electric many years due to my lines of fuel or electric in my house..took years honestly to adjust to different things I make. other home I did have gas few years..liked much better. Also has  one time cheaper than electric.. but both now just as costly.  X


    Gas every time.

    Good to see you Janey how are you my lovely? x


    Gas every time.

    Good to see you Janey how are you my lovely? x

    Fantastic just off for a few days away at a spa hotel.

    Good to see you also how are you keeping ??


    Safety Aspects Of A Gas Cooker.

    1… You can turn the hobs off on a gas cooker  and they go cold quite quickly incase you have young children that put their little hands on them when you turn away for a second.

    2….You can control the temperature and your food will be cooked perfectly, where as on a electric oven you have one heat really full blast, which burns your food burns your pans makes your eggs stick to the bottom of the pan and your bacon turn out like a burnt matchstick.

    So come on guys let me see your views many thanks Janey Lou x x x x

    :heart: :heart:   :heart:   :heart:   :heart:   :heart:   :heart:

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    I put my telephone on the cooker while it was on….it gave 4 rings before they blew up…LMAO RATF PMl


    Gas but then that’s all I’ve ever had. Have to say the microwave is used a lot as well as you can cook so much in them these days and they’re so quick :good:

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