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    I’ll probably regret this …. but here goes…

    I eat pretty healthily, quite a bit of fish, fresh veg, fruit and salads, don’t eat much chocolate or sweets, not because I’m a good girl lol, because I don’t really have a sweet tooth. There are a few things though that I know are bad to eat, but now and again I do simply because I love them, I don’t know if it’s a childhood thing :unsure:

    Anyway, here are just 3 of my guilty pleasures, ( to eat !  ahem )

    Proper frankfurter hot dog smothered in fried onions with American mustard and ketchup.

    Chocolate milk, not the posh stuff in bottles, the Nesquik powder you mix with fresh cold milk.

    Cold raspberry jelly and fresh cream.

    I’m proud to say I’ve had all three today and shall probably go to hell ( if it existed ;-)  )

    Any guilty pleasures you have ?  Unburden yourself, it’ll be fine and you’ll feel better for it :good:   :whistle:

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    My guilty pleasure (the one I can talk about publicly) is also childhood related. When I was a kid crisps and ice cream were very rare treats indeed. My sister and I used to snuggle up on the sofa in front of the box and scrunch up our bags of crisps into tiny pieces and the art was eating them as slowly as possible while savouring every last morsel and including licking the empty bag afterwards.

    Today my guilty pleasure is two bags of Walkers cheese and onion and the creme de la creme of stodge, two Neapolitan choc ice thingy ma jobs from Aldi.  Now  these are not just any old choc ices, one half has a wafer coating and the other half ‘dark’ chocolate. They can only be eaten correctly in one way, the chocolate must be nibbled off while holding the wafer part, then the divine ice cream devoured in that half, then the wafer part must be eaten by slowly squeazing it together and eating the ice cream as it slivers out the sides!


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    OOOO  choc ices yessss    No  the way to eat a choc ice is to squeeze the ice cream through a small hole in the wrapper, then open the wrapper up and pick off all the chocolate that’s stuck to it lol :yes:

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    Rose, Ge

    Hey Ge, you can eat as many as you like, I notice there’s no artificial colourings or flavourings !!!  Fill ya boots ! Its practically health food !!! ;-)


    Big Fat Dill Pickles !!!! Need I say more ……. yum…..


    Lol mooosey. As I try to eat healthy every day I confess I sneak a something a day in not or should have which can grow on the hips. Lol. Say I will do my 10,000 steps a day in 12-14 hour shifts. Most I cheat..

    Today was a half of bag of bugels. Like corn chips. Though only 150 calories. Saw later almost whole bag 450 almost gone. I love Oreo cookies dunked in full blown milk. Not 1 percent or 2. Later when get home. Had 2 chocolate eclairs with vanilla cream. Ate one for me, one for milky. Lol…and we’ll think I want an ice cream soon. Well that my quota for day. Lol.

    Tomorrow will see..xxxx




    Two coffee things.

    First, coffee cake. packed with sugar but tastes soooo nice.

    I try to restrict myself to 1 slice of coffee cake a year, though. My birthday. And as my birthday approaches, it’s something to savour.

    Secondly, a cup of coffee.

    This may seem the strangest of guilty pleasures, but if I drink coffee and tea then I get kidney problems. I don’t, I drink mainly water (and some herbal teas). All I need to do is to restrict  my diet to bread, and life’s culinary misery will be complete.

    However, and as a special treat, I make myself a nice pot of expresso coffee every Friday morning. Wakes me up, and since it’s only once a week, I rally look forward to it. And I mean really. A genuine guilty pleasure.

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    My all time favourite a bag of sports gums, just eat them till there finished.

    Sometimes, Two tunock,s snow balls one after the other, i just cant stop at one.

    In the winter I make a lot of soups and stews, i love cooks perks. So say I get a bit of rib to make potato soup, after cutting up the meat I will leave a couple of slices for me, add salt and enjoy, I used to give my dog the bone, i miss that bit, always will.


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    My guilty pleasure is to unleash my thoughts on those who abused me for years on JC….naming no names but all i ever did was ge t attacked…first by moosey and ruby, then blossom, then orson, then milky including sceppers then it just went on and on…..i must admit though that every one who attacked me on the boards since the day i started was from f3 or room 3….GE was there at regular intervals putting the knife in…..the unknown entity is mafia or one of his many other aliases who justifies him self by calling him self rude boy….LMAO……RATF

    Then there’s the loads of mouthy women in f3 who have secret agendas of their own while pompously putting down others.


    Well you did ask moosey….but that’s all in the past……(hopefully)……..PML LMAO RATF


    I’m guilty of loving a dirty Herta hot dog with fried onions and American mustard but only once a winter!

    I haven’t got a sweet tooth at all, though I do like chocolate now and again and often melt it in a ramekin then have another ramekin full of double cream dipping chunks of fruit in them alternately.

    Very rarely eat fast food or takeaways but once every couple of years I have a KFC because it reminds me of when my mum was alive and we would go to a drive through and eat one in the car watching all the scabby little starlings fly down to car park trying to find a crumb.  I always feel sick after them but thoroughly enjoy them at the time.






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