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    I knew it wasn’t true


    I knew it wasn’t true and how I lied to myself

    I got so good at lying that I damaged my health

    I listened to the words but I couldn’t take them in

    But I knew right from the start, that I would never win

    I became good at avoiding, like the letters in the mail

    I acted like a lap dog and was chasing my tail

    I just went round and round never getting anywhere

    It was a game of choices but it wasn’t very fair

    With the goal posts always moving I just couldn’t get to score

    It was constant De J’ vu because I’d done it all before

    Was a never ending torture full of bitterness and pain

    And it was all so very likely I’d be going there again

    It’s so very quiet now, no shouting inside my head

    And I’m finding all the silence a bit deafening instead

    I’m glad to have my freedom but I didn’t like to beg

    It’s like trying to dance the nutcracker with a broken leg


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    are you for real mate? ive just had mizzy on my case,arguing about poetry with me,all I said well gave her a bit of constructive criticism,i merely said her poems lack texture,strenghth and depth

    so she kicks off at me like the mardy arsed kid  in the playground

    you know the one plaster on her glasses,hearing aid,never shares her skipping rope,and said to me there better than your poems cosy

    oh are they really lol,don’t think so

    and this poem I don’t even know your name,or who you are?

    whilst I admire your endeavours,cos hey anybody whos ever wrote a thread fears the dreaded 0 replies

    so can I just say not being cruel,hey at least ive replied I can only give this poem and im being kind here 2/10 may I kindly suggest you and the drawing board have a deep discussion,ty.


    Thank you for your comments.  You appear to have a very over inflated ego.  Constructive comments would have been warmly received.  Please do not feel the need to make any more comments to this thread as I am really not interested in anything further you have to say.  Feel free to delete all poems I have posted up as they are clearly below your amazing standards.

    Many thanks.



    done :good:


    You appear to have a very over inflated ego. 

    Over inflated is putting it lightly.


    I have been singing this poem and it’s very reminiscent of the sort of way Lily Allen would sing it….nice!


    Thank you.  I’d forgotten how many poems I had posted.  Orson slagged it off but its one of the poems I’ve written that actually means something to me.  I don’t mind if he think’s its rubbish, I am not Shakespeare and this is not a sonnet.


    I wish you’d post more poems.

    Even the ones which aren’t so good are worth reading.

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    Interesting phrase about the goal posts being moved…… most things, it can be used positively or negatively but more often than  not….this phrase is used when some one gets frustrated with the (symbolic) goal posts being moved.


    The thing about the goal posts is that originally, they were moved closer together to make it harder to score. Works ok if you are a football player as it teaches you accuracy but in real life, it can be very mean and nasty.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 16 total)

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