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    On Sunday while getting me second dose they hand me a load of paper that I thru on the side once I got home and never looked at until today.

    Lets answer a few running questions:

    1. What COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca is and what it is used for

    COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca is a vaccine used to protect people aged 18 years and older against COVID-19.

    COVID-19 is caused by a virus called coronavirus (SARS CoV 2).

    COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca stimulates the body’s natural defences (immune system). It causes the body to produce its own protection (antibodies) against the virus. This will help to protect you against COVID-19 in the future. None of the ingredients in this vaccine can cause COVID-19.

    I actually belive that the AtraZeneca is the most effective out of the available vaccines, so this information may be correct.

    I know exactly where you are steering the issue but even so. You still haven’t answered. Stop beating about the bush. Is the Covid vaccine a vaccine in your opinion and in your own words what does the Covid vaccine do?

    To address Ge’s question.

    I do no believe that the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines can be called vaccines.

    They operate on a different principal that uses mRNA to instruct your cells to produce spike protiens similar to the ones that the SARS-Cov2 virus has. (Covid-19 is a disease caused by the SARS-Cov2 virus, like AIDS is a disease that is caused by the HIV virus). As far as I understand the body cannot produce antibodies in response to the spike protiens, but it can learn to recognise them as hostile which may result in a faster immune response if later infected with covid.

    This does not provide immunity, and there are many confirmed cases of people catching covid after being vaccinated that would support this claim.,rather%20than%20the%20antigen%20itself.



    That is a civil human right here.. free choice..

    The imaginary civil rights and free choice Americans don’t actually have if we take at face value the recent allegations about the rigged Biden election?

    You can refuse a Covid jab that will potentially save your life and the lives of people around you but you can’t even choose your own president and you call that freedom of choice?

    You seem completely oblivious other vaccines have already been mandated for other infectious diseases in America.

    For example in 2019 people in parts of Williamsburg Brooklyn faced $1,000 dollar fines if they refused to get the measles jab.

    Some hospitals already mandate health workers to get the flu and Hep B vaccines.

    Some American schools and universities etc already mandate immunization for certain infectious diseases.


    Why do you think Covid should be treated any differently?



    Oh, and it is already theoretically possible for owners of private businesses in America to legally dismiss staff if they refuse the Covid jab under pre-existing health and safety rules.

    With some exceptions of course and people who are exempt can be moved to jobs where they have limited contact with other people and are required to wear a mask etc.

    America (just like the UK) is a strange place at the best of times, customers can be barred from shopping at the local mall for not dressing appropriately, and yet those very same customers have absolutely no qualms about going to the mall and spreading Covid to OAPs.


    This myth that America is the land of free is just that, a myth.




    Know few nurses as well in major hospitals declined too

    You do NOT know a single person in the health sector who has refused a vaccine of any type if the role they are in specifically mandates them. It would be illegal under American Health and safety rules.

    The threat of litigation is much too great. No well-run hospital would not leave itself open to multi-million payouts whether it be to a vulnerable patient being infected with Covid or infected with Hep B.

    What makes you assume a private care home in the private sector will risk bankruptcy if enough staff have refused the jab, contract Covid, or are forced to self isolate alongside other staff they have come into contact with.

    It is a ludicrous notion.




    Ge you know I love you like an ingrowing black toenail with green fungus   :heart:

    But please go to bed hun  :wacko:


    Well ge since i can’t and will not disclose my agency..recently many stores like walmart..b.j.’s so forth no longer require a mask. I went to walmart and continued to wear my mask like some others. Some not..too long with now still protecting myself as i will be going on holiday this summer

    Staying safe. As for my 3 friends..head nurses for critical emergency hospital… around world people come to granted special permission by government. Special operations. They did not have covid vaccines. Still have high positions have had 20 plus more years. However must wear the special covid uniforms. To this date no vaccine. I called them today to ask them

    True land of free and yes I AGREE to your points on some our liberties have gone to shit due to leadership sadly. Nothing free as expression…so true to form statement used. Yep everything comes at a cost. Agree. Sadly the taxpayers who pay those eventual cost.

    As for my job we still required to social distance and mask. Other agencies in different counties now going with out.  Same type of agency. Doesnt figure right.?But they are… just different county. We on other hand not lifted.  As my home base is one area stationed..use to go to other places part of our agency once twice a week to meet up. Now have to zoom. But some of our Doctors now opening up for appointnents. Lol others not we use. So it seems it leadership deciding our protocol.

    Our own president says we can unmask now and he still wearing for awhile like that Dr. Fauci. He still does. Biden does not. Some States have opened no masks for awhile while others still want mask. See issues. Who in charge of your State and County make rules not President in these cases



    Ring! Ring!

    Doa: What do you mean you can’t come into work I have a multi-million-pound contract to fulfill?

    Joe: Got to self-isolate boss Covid symptoms.

    Doa: I told you to get the Covid jab two months ago you little scrote.

    Joe: Fuck the Covid jab and who are you to dictate to me, boss?

    Doa: That’s 6 of you Covid deniers of work this week are you bastards trying to do, bankrupt me?

    Joe: That’s not my responsibility boss and what time do my wages go in the bank?

    Doa: You think I am going to pay you for skiving?

    Joe: It’s mandatory boss and you have no say in the matter!

    Doa: Why the fuck am I paying good wages to scrotes like you who refuse the Covid jab?

    Joe: Because you are too stupid to make it mandatory and employ someone people who have had the jab as is your right under current UK employment legislation?

    Doa: You do have a point there son.

    Joe: Thanks dad see you in two weeks.



    Staying safe. As for my 3 friends..head nurses for critical emergency hospital… around world people come to granted special permission by government. Special operations. They did not have covid vaccines. Still have high positions have had 20 plus more years. However must wear the special covid uniforms. To this date no vaccine. I called them today to ask them

    Nonsense, 1. You are a care worker and have openly said so, and 2. It is illegal under American Health and Safety rules for health professionals in certain roles to refuse the Covid jab or any other jab the hospital deems necessary for the role.

    “Special permission”

    “Special operations”


    Ha Ha Ha!



    Well ge since i can’t and will not disclose my agency

    Yes yes, Linda, we all know on this site that you are “special” but the fact remains that you yourself have had the Covid jab.

    Care to explain why given your stance on it?


    Yes this is how vaccines work, I described this in a previous post.

    What is this suppose to prove?

    What I said isn’t a conspiracy theory, its common medical knowledge that has been understood for over a century, as well as being how Pfizer describe the function of their vaccine. The immune system fights virus’ by producing antibodies, which are specific to each virus. The antibodies chemically bind with external features of a virus that are called antigens. These are usually some kind of protiens. When the antibodies bind it damages the virus and marks it as a foreign object that should be destroyed by B and T cells. Traditional vaccines train the body how to produce antibodies by injecting a dead virus, that will still have a full set of antibodies that can be attacked, but is incapable of reproducing due to being damaged. The mRNA vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna don’t do this, the mRNA is absorbed into your cells and instructs them to produce spike protiens similar to the ones that SARS-COV2 has. The spike protien is what the virus uses to trick cells into letting it enter so it can repoduce inside of them. The main points of contention over this method are : If the covid spike protien works as an antigen How similar the spike protiens produced by the vaccines are to the real ones If having only one type of antibody is enough to grant immunity to covid How long the mRNA lasts in the body

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