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    eeek ! you are being stalked right enough.  I can imagine your face right now :)



    my poor wee man.


    of course they assume , because we are friends and meet often, we are lovers.  So this is more to bug Me than You. Every single man that responds gets this treatment. A pretend flirtation. Sad.


    you know that never to give out your number.






    orson/speilberg of blackpool north before you use my name in conjunction with any soft porn films my lawyers are watching I will not be taking part in this project or any of your futer projects quite frankly your not up to the job ill stick to what I know acting screen writing etc you stick to selling lampshades


    on reflection maybe I was too harsh orson after reading your heartfelt post about ge and blossom saga I found myself agreeing cast members kicking off the last thing you need one more point however after some research seems robin askwiths a Manchester city fan ha ha ha


    Milkman of Human Kindness

    Sorry if included you in the role in which your user name was used.. Did try to reach out through private message to the writer and others and “invalid user name came back not allowing me to reach out more private.”

    It is my belief that my response by using your inclusion of partial name even though permission not granted, I treated your role with respect and kindness.

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    linda I wasn’t over the moon being offered the role of a scruffy peeping tom halfwit window cleaner its hardly tom cruise in topgun is it

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    Actually milkman…

    Was beginning earlier yesterday to think about who was flying on the role play thread. Funny you mentioned Tom Cruise and top Gun.. guess on same pattern of thinking… what was writer on?

    He humbles me often giving me leading roles, I just need to get a better handler on what is jest or for real, as audience comes out who have a very different opinion of me, sadly…..



    ‘Milky’ – aka – Maverick (Topgun) ‘Rogue’ (me – David Goose Kessler co-pilot)

    (topgun music ‘Take my fag breath away’ playing softly in background)

    Mav (milks) – ” I spot a bogie at 12 o’clock Goose (rads).  Prepare to give em the bird lad.

    Goose (me) – ” A bogie?  It’s difficult to pick ones snitch properly at Mach 2 Mav, can you angle the rear view mirror for me to get rid?”

    Mav (milks) – ” No, you tool! – I mean a Mig 28 right on our tail.  We must invert and raise a digit salute towards the devils ” –  whereupon Mav then lowers his oxygen mask in order to flip a lit fag into his pouty mush.  

    Goose (me) – “Save us a twosie off that Mav – and look at that cloud over there.. it looks like the Caterpillar off Alice in Wonderland!  WHOOOOOO AREEEEE YOOUUUU?  HAHA”

    Mav (milks) –  “WTF, I sooooooooo should have selected Cosy as co-pilot”




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    Actually, i’m going 500 miles and Devon will be on the way home……my aim is to reach the furthest point in Cornwall and back……..i won’t actually touch Devon til three quarters of the way back.


    I can look after my self linda thanks……..i have a back pack, a recently serviced bike and enough money to survive. I’ll be back after Bank Holiday Monday. I got 3 cameras so this is going to be good. Apart from putting people down and taking the piss…..i have yet to see where orson stars in this movie?


    stop being a mard arse q this isn’t the quiz now

    I am actually in the film but Ionly make a hitchcockesque cameo appearance.

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