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What would your response be to so called "people's" vote?

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    And this is where stupidity kicks in

    never once was it said that the figures on the side of a bus were going to be given to the nhs

    the 350 million was an Example of how it could be spent rather than be given to the eu

    the bus was a publicity campaign by a group of leavers

    not the government

    incidentally Teressa pledged in 350 million in the last budget to the nhs

    That’s not actually correct.

    Nobody said it was the government who was promising £350 million to the NHS. It wasn’t jsut a group of leavers, though it may not have been your section of the leave campaign. Ity was the group of Leavers which had the backing of the big names – Boris J, Gove etc etc

    Image result for brexit bus


    Nope. It didn’t exactly say let’s give £350 million a week to the nhs, but there was no small print to explain anything (I checked, it was a big bus) and the impression it made was that we were spending all that money on the EU (a lie, the figures were vastly inflated) and the implication was that it would go to the NHS instead.

    True, it’s the talk of the second-hand car salesman selling you a car without an engine (we never said there was an engine, guv) but the implication was there.


    may’s did not give the NHS £350 million a week. It was given before we left the EU, because it could have been given at any time. The reason it had been held back was to do with a cruel politics of austerity, the same cruel politics which the ECB was imposing on Greece (along wiht the World Bank and the IMF). A policy, not an institution. The EU, or the British Treasury, could be associated with a different policy with a different director.


    saying “ I’ve no idea what you are talking about” in an effort to belittle and dismiss people,

    You mean like this ?

    :scratch: :wacko: :unsure:

    someone is going bonkers. It could be me :unsure: but I think it’s him ;-)


    Perhaps someone could explain how the Leave élite think we can avoid the suffering of a no-deal Brexit, because the ‘stories’ I’ve heard from everyone else, Leaver and Remainer, seem pretty convincing!

    What stories ? What Plummer ? Someone in the EU said ? I’ve heard that ,… etc It’s been reported that ,, etc etc ,, why are your heresay claims more valid than anyone else’s and why do you feel the need to repeat everything ?

    Well, like you, I’m not born with the information in my head.

    I have to read to get my information, in my case the financial press.

    The ‘stories’ I was talking about were reports of supermarket managers saying that if there was no deal then the food shelves would empty quite rapidly.

    They were that the hospitals were warning that meds are only stocked for a p[articular time-period and after that there would be shortages.

    There was a report that Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, told the cabinet that he could not guarantee that a no-deal brexit would mean that there would not be deaths.

    Those are among many stories.

    If you can show that they’re wrong, or if you can say why we have nothing to fear from a no=-deal brexit, I’m listening very intently, and would appreciate any sources for your argument.

    Otherwise we’re down to the level of the accusations coming from the Vampire’s Castle (thanks to the lately deceased blogger, Mark Fisher, in K-Punk, for this) that the oppostion to Brexit is reaching new levels of depravity etc. Wow!

    These levels of ‘depravity in my case are going to be derived from the Briefing in The Economist of 24th November. Get a back copy in your local library?

    I hope never to use them, but if no-deal becomes a reality I will.





    Perhaps someone could explain how the Leave élite think we can avoid the suffering of a no-deal Brexit, because the ‘stories’ I’ve heard from everyone else, Leaver and Remainer, seem pretty convincing!

    What is your favourite part of the EU?

    That’s no answer, drac!!

    You may well have a duty to explain who we can avoid the suffering imposed by No-Deal if there is a referendum in which it figures.

    As the Brexit bus said,


    Image result for brexit bus



    Oh and please don’t be intimidated by the latest emotional outbust, nor the ridiculous threat of anything written in the right wing rag the Economist, as if it exposes that weapons of mass destruction really did exist. The Economist owned by Industrialists and bankers and best of all, at the head, the Rothschild family.




    Not intimidated at all Gerry, tho I see your point. I’ve heard interviews with store high street managers who say the only threat they have is a growing tendency to shop online and Brexit uncertainty hasn’t affected sales, also a director of a car parts manufacturer who also said no change other than a steady incline . A spokesman for the GMC also advised not to panic and that adequate supplies of drugs used by the NHS were readily available from all over globe not just Europe. I mean if you think about it ,it does make sense and makes the scaremongering yelling of empty shelves and people dying in hospital corridors look ridiculous Ppl die in hospital corridors now  for many reasons , lack of staff  Lack of funding. Buying over priced drugs from Europe that are cheaper elsewhere .  Lack of communication. Lack of blood !! Not Brexit lol   I don’t need to prove your ‘ here say ‘ stories are wrong, you should name your sources, which supermarket manager was that then ?? For every ‘ here say ‘example you give there is a counter claim so give over with your ” it’s been reported that…. And I heard that “” nonsense. It means and proves nothing. No one here supporting leave has said it wouldn’t be without hurdles and problems. However we have hurdles and problems constantly  being in the EU !!! Or hadn’t you noticed ?  …..


    Oh do you mean the Rothschild family who had direct dealings in setting up the common market ?  :negative:   :yahoo:



    Oh do you mean the Rothschild family who had direct dealings in setting up the common market ? :negative: :yahoo:

    That’s the one yes, the Rothschilds and the Ecomomist he threatens with is their bought and paid for mouthpiece. I have a bit more on it as well but on your previous post you said what I was going to mostly add anyway, hundreds of thousands have died needlessly, never been his concern previously, has it, never even registered on his radar. I’ll save it for another time maybe.

    He just doesn’t undestand how the EU works, or alternatively his is disguising how far to the right he really is. If you read his response to Thin, the last few sentences, he alludes that the ECB is not one of the seven EU institutions and that policy can be changed by new leadership, as in a change of government in the UK, he just doesn’t understand that ECB monetary policy is enshrined in EU law courtesy of the Rothschilds economic ideology.

    “Some bloke in Costcutters said there is going to be food shortages..”

    “What evidence does that bloke have?”

    “You prove that bloke is wrong…”

    It’s just silly stuff from him, never goes anywhere. The onus is on him to provide evidence to support his ludicrous claims. He even misquoted the government minister, which doesn’t surprise me at all.





    Oh do you mean the Rothschild family who had direct dealings in setting up the common market ? :negative: :yahoo:

    I did tell you I like an oh ye. Oh ye the GERMAN descendant Rothschilds. Scratches head, ooo I wonder what country benefits most from the EU and the Eurozone and the actual Euro…





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    Still chuckling at ‘ get a back copy in your local Library ? ” 

    The Economist ?   Is it this sort of statement which just baffles people ? Sorry if it’s personal but it’s odd

    a) he assumes I’ve never heard of it hence the ?

    b) he assumes I’ve never heard of it and if I had I’ve never read it

    c) he thinks I’d have to go to a library to read it

    d) all of the above and just trying to throw in a ‘ source’ one of very few lol  to look clever.

    Quite funny really lol

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