• when the  little geezer whoyou used to baby sit for,this is when his mam and my then wife used to go to bingo on a saturday night and i used to look after the 4,boys

    anyway i was waiting for a postman delivery man and it was him,i was like wtf ha anyway id like to tell you more,but andy hates it when his trump thread gets usurped off  the t…[Read more]

  • jolly roger replied to the topic fao of somer in the forum Getting serious 2 months ago


  • and hes olderthan me

  • yeh but his birthday is 22 april a completeley fck all day mine is st georges day and shakespeares

    dont start giving it larges about birthdays.

  • im not quite sure where im going with this so just bear with me yeh,so i was flicking through the papers on saturday (which was my birthday) not like one of youse gave a fck and yet again theres a possible new enquiry about madeline mccann going missing in 2007,i thought wow i remember discussing this in jc with the likes of kenty,arc,welsh…[Read more]

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    i tell you what linds yeh you said what if that was you subjected to you as in abuse,well personally i dont give a tupenny fck,if you cant take it dont give it,simples innit ive beem called all sorts in here based on the mythicalegend about a supposed cone

    heres a few that spring to mind

    conan the libnarian


    coney island baby cono…[Read more]

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    linda calm down.let me  give you a few scenarios

    1,i beleive in boards i love people having a “pop” at each other its no biggy is it?

    and 2    oh hang on  my smokedetector  is kicking off bbl if im alive,gasps for air



  • jolly roger replied to the topic fao of somer in the forum Getting serious 2 months ago

    just roll with it man its only harmless banter at least they post

  • kiwi has made a completely unprovoked unwarranted attack on me  on april 15th @1,36, pm in chat

    read history im not grassing or owt but i hope you are all starting to see  hes not the friendly village idiot lets have a lol bloke he portrays he is,altho the village idiot is correct, theres none so blind  that cannot see,now i did say to him up th…[Read more]

  • this thread still going on ffs ok let me make myself patently clear,i dont give a tuppeny toss wether kiwi has blocked me,all i was doing/saying is pointing out he is the most boring thickest man in the universe,,but i see how popular he is to you muppets,so for the sake of peace i will leave him alone ok ty

  • er excuse me numb nuts,im not the reason why ppl arent chatting in jc,you are!

    with your repetitive nonsense you are driving ppl away man not one chatter wants to be left alone with you i personally could set my watch to you,i know when you are going to lol,i know your gonna say its 12 c in nz i know you are going to say oh its 12 oclock here i…[Read more]

  • oh dear,so im what? downright nasty and abusive to heck wow  just for you ki lol

    ps grow up,but keep me iggied i love confusing the fck out of you :wacko:   :wacko:

  • but thats the point dd there was no convo,he was going on about im going to get two lazy bouys{sic) and shes going on about i wont  buy leather  again it creaks,yeh bit like your knees luv.) do i really need to be subjected to this absurdity tbh?

  • no my gist is when you and kiwi are on hes blocked me,so if i say something to you and you go lol, mr flying “very interesting” kiwi thinks you are giving him a lol,its pathetic how old is he? the silly iggying tw@t so therefore what is the point of me striking up a new topic when there is only 3 ppl in,and one of them cant even see me its totally…[Read more]

  • dunno mate anymore,i just wrote a dunno thread and i dont know what its about no lol true

  • let me try to explain,i inadvertently stumbled across chat 1 earlier today i didnt mean to and to my horror i found myself  in the midst of a kenty and kiwi convo

    they were the only 2 people on(ive tried to warn kenty about this) but she said no,i will talk to whom i choose

    so anyway im getting ready for my volunteer job as a bingo caller for…[Read more]

  • yeh but ive already done a thread about tats,you know the one about tramp stamps walking behind women with buggies and they bend over to  tuck their kids in and i pretend my dogs having a  piss so i have a blimp,1 thats not perving and 2 shes got a  kid,im not doing a thread about it again you are just regurgitating old posts cos youve got no…[Read more]

  • ok i been reading all this and its all bollox,i know nieces  etc who have their ears pierced so are they fair game like even tho they are only 5,well shes had her ears pierced she must be up for it? i worry about you doa sometimes.

  • pleasedont be asking him to  unblock me im ok ty,it always makes me laugh when somebody iggies someone and they ask what is he /she sayingnow its pathetic,re you kenty i sort of forgot about you cos you know the truth that i didnt go to uni you know i was in the mntc when i was 16 at gravesend,im surprised you didnt blow my cover cos you normally do.

  • on saying that i do remember pee gate wannit morg who pissed all over sairs head ha ha grins ah well when you gotta go you gotta go.

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