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What would your response be to so called "people's" vote?

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    How rich in irony!

    To oppose someone’s politics is one thing to try and discredit someone’s character out of sour grapes is quite another. Flabbergasted how low you got ! Do not ask me anything, expect an answer, assume anything because i don’t answer or speaks for me AGAIN.

    But yes Rudeboy, you’re right, he is a wind up merchant and yes, I will leave the senile old coot to it.

    I’ve been putting up with the intimidating abuse and infantile ridicule of this group of Brexiteers for quite a while – together or singly they’ve called me every name under the sun, from me being a pompous prig to a wife-beater and everything in between. Now they’ve suddenly decided to get on their high horses and act all hurt because two of them think they have been called anti-Semites.

    I’m not sure whether you’re idiots or just spineless cowards!

    I didn’t actually say that you were anti-Semitic – I said the opposite.

    I specifically stated that I didn’t believe that mooosey was aware that what she was saying was anti-Semitic. Gerry’s stupid and shamefully prolonged defence of the Nazi who butchered the Labour MP Jo Cox is one of several things that made me wonder, but basically I think he’s just a bit out to lunch rather than actually racist.

    I think that you’ve been a pair of fools by your dabbling with xenophobic accusations that the Rothschilds helped to set up the Common Market as part of a German conspiracy.

    If you had bothered to do your homework, amid the chuckling and Gerry’s lazy links, you would have found out that the Rothschilds, while of German origin, haven’t been a German family for a long time.

    You were being so clever in chuckling at the Rothschild control of the Economist (which isn’t true) that you were both too ignorant to realise the elementary fact that the Rothschilds are a Jewish family which have been have been used by anti-Semites for nearly two centuries  as part of claims that the Jews were taking over the world. I’m not making this up, or reading stuff in. It’s common knowledge, and all you had to do was to look up the Rothschilds on Wikipedia  to recognise that you’re actually using a dog-whistle anti-Semitism thinking all the time that you were being real smart.

    I included a piece of anti-Semitic filth on Brexit as a blow to the ‘Shylock’ system of finance represented by the Rothschilds to illustrate this.

    Instead of admitting that you had made a serious mistake, you take the coward’s way out – personal attacks on me as a sly old crook, a nasty man who must be ignored!

    If you can only serve up abuse instead of argument, then good, ignore me. Go, keep away from discussion, hide from the reality of what is looking increasingly like the Brexit catastrophe for this country.

    With the exception of the occasional serious (if misguided) comments on immigration by Rude Boy which I’ll address soon whether he likes it or not, the only thing I’ll (not) be missing will be the abuse and chuckling which you’ve been serving up in the place of argument.


    it’s gonna pain me to leave newcastle as i love my home county but i just don’t wanna be in a country this divided

    so i’ve took the eu up on its offer and i’m looking for a country that matches my values as that is no longer britain

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    But I#m not going to listen to anti-Semitic filth


    Now they’ve suddenly decided to get on their high horses and act all hurt because two of them think they have been called anti-Semites.



    Moose, just ignore the sly old bastid, the sly old crook crook, all he wants is a rise and a reaction. The reaction merely gives him ‘permission’ to carry on his never ending abuse disguised as something else, a troll is a troll is a troll.








    Paigey in all honesty it is my opinion no matter where you live in this world stuff happens out of our control. Running away may help for a time, what does it accomplish as you may find same things done differently, but same some where else you move too. Sticking it out not always a better option but one that gives you some more time to really decide if moving away does benefit you and your future goals and needs.

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    Those are thoughtful words, Linda, and kind ones too.

    I’m not used to kindness in jc, especially on this subject.

    Paige, Newcastle is a nice city, with good people in it. I’m not surprised that you’re reluctant to leave.

    However, you must choose as you think best for your life. Other countries within the EU are also undergoing strains, with some very nasty forces rising.

    I must say that, looking at this country, I see a darkness which I’ve not noticed before. I have a strong sense of history, and quite a deep reading in the history of this country, but I feel a sense of foreboding for the future, and not just the coming year or two.

    I mean, we have had nasty times in this country before. The last war was much worse in many ways – I’ve worked with people who experienced dreadful loss of family as a result of it – but at the same time there was a feeling of people working together and – I don’t know, but a sense of hope for the future as well.

    In the USA there are some very nasty and violent divisions, real worry, but you feel there is a future to that country which is lacking in this. Whether we leave the EU (still the most likely outcome, though not as certain asit’s been) or stay, there is a deep anger. The anger is for the most part kept within civil bounds, for the moment at least.

    But there’s something else – a sense of a loss of hope feeding that anger on both sides.

    I really hope that I’m wrong.

    Anyway, your future is your own. You seem to have courage – not many people would dare to brave the intimidating atmosphere of this debate by taking up the minority side – and you know your situation. You’ve got a life ahead of you, which means a lot of trial to face and to overcome. I’m sure you’ll choose the right path. Try not to burn boats whichever move you make.





    I do think that all the talk of Rothschild conspiracies is anti-Semitic, and anti-Semitism chills me, whether consciously expressed or uttered without awareness.

    Remember also I said in the original post and in my reply at the top of this page that I do NOT think that you’re an anti-Semite.

    Even so, I expect nothing other than your continuing sympathy with this malevolent man.

    You have many good qualities, and you still have my respect for them respected, but I’m  also  aware of the depths of your hostility on the EU.

    It’s tragic that this bitterness should be rising between us, but I’m expecting a hostile reaction from you..



    Slippery Septic, a well earned title. So we finally get to the bottom of it at last and which is what I have already stated privately some months ago.

    You’re a fucking board bully who has driven countless people away from posting and I have the PMs to prove it. You are a damaged, self admitted paranoid driven abuser who manipulates or tries to manipulate every single person who posts on these boards and who turns on them the moment they type something that strongly disagrees with you, hence your irrational, depraved hatred towards me in particular.

    Anyone who persistantly stands up to you on these boards has been driven away by you.


    These boards are not worth a dime while you monopolise them and they never will be.




    Last post on this subject for some of the reasons Ge stated.

    I’m perfectly aware that The Rothschilds are a Jewish family,I presumed most people would be aware of that fact, in fact I have visited their estate on Long Island, NY. :scratch:

    Yes I have called you pompous and yes I still stand by it. I have never called you a wife beater.

    Sceptical, could you please show me in black and white, where I have said anything anti-semetic or that the Rothschilds helped to set up the common market as part of a German conspiracy ?  :unsure:  

    Thank you.


    as that’s your lat post, I will not explain any further.

    There are more important things to post.

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